Friday, April 29, 2011

big easter changes

I made the most of the easter break and even took some of my TOIL to get things moving on my house, it has been a busy week, plans had to be rearranged a few times because of a crap tradesman who let us down on the floor sanding job and some technical difficulties with his not crap replacement, but with the very generous help of my family and some dear friends a lot has been done.

 I finished tiling the toilet and the en-suit
 and then worked out how to grout
 lots of people helped paint and spak - big thanks to Bec, Sarah, Jess and huge thanks to M & G - we have two coats on pretty much nearly every wall
what a fabulous way to spend your easter holiday!

the sander arrived yay! and after a little hicup with power (fixed by the lovely electrician Rob) he got stuck in
 meanwhile G and I started building the kitchen carcasses downstairs

 and Mum sanded the stairs (I did help) and then put on the first coat of sealant (I helped with that too)
 while Murray did the sealant upstairs - mm glossy

It was actually a very noisy two day process, it wasn't even worth putting on the radio.  We had a funny moment when G made the sign for the top of the stairs to stop people walking on them - I explained to G that 'WET STUFF' was a sex lubricant and mum proceeded to make a new sign 'DO NOT WALK ON STAIRS - WET SEALANT'  I laughed a lot - they refused to be photographed with their signs (well mum did - and as a rule she hates being photographed).

Last night my brother, G and I went down to put in the kitchen.  It was a long but productive night,
thank goodness for Charlie P's work lights!


 my pretty 90cm oven all wrapped up!

everything is in and ready for Plum Bob (the plummer), the electrician and the gas man - if we can get a hold of him!!  

I have a couple more days to get bits an pieces done before I have to check in at work and get stuck into lots of rehearsal for Construction of the Human Heart.  The floor guys will be back for the next couple of coats and the house is to be inspected for occupancy next week!  fingers crossed (that I won't be moving in "illegally" - because I am moving in some form)

Monday, April 11, 2011

a blue room, a handrail and DIY progress

 all ready for tiling!
to help not falling down stairs

 my friend the tile cutter

a work in progress

with a little ( a lot actually) help from my friends Kim and Adrian I now have knowledge and (some) skills in tiling and had a very productive weekend.  Mastered the tile cutter and used a grinder for the first time! The en-suite floor and most of the skirting is done, rest of skirt and grout to go,  floor in toilet done and floor and walls in bathroom started.  I really wished I'd had an extra few days to keep going, I hate leaving a job half finished....  but will have to wait now, probably till nearly easter.

This week the floors are being sanded and sealed and then we can build the kitchen - more DIY with  the help of my parents this time. Easter will be busy but fun and hopefully I can move in very soon after.....  

Mum and Graeme also started the painting - they are very good at it and I am lucky to have so much help.  But maybe they are just trying to get their spare room back :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

new stuff

My house now has:
  • a heat pump
  • power points
  • tastics
  • panel heaters
  • lights
  • stairs

  •  and a balcony screen

going to do some tiling this weekend!