Wednesday, June 30, 2010

special things about living with my nephews

It has been awhile, it has been very busy and lots of different things happening every day and every week.  Schools back so there is some routines in place,  but my world is still full of changes.

Here are some of the lovely things that have been part of my world lately...

Pancakes for breakfast


the cubby in the backyard

lots of cooking, Chocolate brownies with Kahlua soaked prunes; Chocolate, sultana & oats biscuits; potato and leek soup; lentil & chorizo soup; apple crumble.

sewing, crochet, six feet under & catch ups with old friends.

Life is good - hope yours is too

Thursday, June 10, 2010

the way to work and back

Just over a week in Tasmania and I've had 3 days at my new job.  I've been finding all day parking in Battery Point and walking down to Salamanca which takes about 10 mins depending on how far away I fond a park.  Yesterday I parked in St Georges Tce, outside the house I used to have a flat in just before I left Tassie 9 years ago!

I've been loving my walk to work, indulging in all the wonderful buildings and views that I used to take for granted.  We've been having crisp sunny days in Hobart which remind me of the autumn days I had in Toronto last October.  Many of the autumn leaves are still hanging in there splashing the streets with colour.

a snapshot of my travels

awesome bakery - yummy chocolate brioche yesterday - mmmmm

Kelly's Steps down to Salamanca
our office back door is the second from top on the fire escape

turning out of Kelly's Lane to Salamanca Place

In and up the stairs!

and up

stop for a coffee first at Tricycle!

peek into the gallery on the way to the bathroom

back to the office

back up the steps at the end of the day

nearly all the snow on the mountain has melted

so cute

need a house guest??

a car park with a view

It is such a different landscape to the Riverland (which I miss actually) but I am loving seeing so much water of the Derwent Harbour and views all round.

My love affair with Tasmania is alive and well.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

cooking with helpers

Yesterday was my first full day with my nephews J & C since I moved in three days ago.  We did lots of cooking and cleaning (and TV watching) and they got in some scootering too.

We made pumpkin and sweet potato soup and the boys peeled the carrots and sweet potatoes
we cooked zucchini and tomato and cheese muffins for lunch and there was much grating and mixing and spooning to be shared, and the tomatoes were from Gran's garden, the last picked for the season...

and we made dinosaur gingerbread - measure, mix and cut

April has a special sifter - just like one Alice and I were looking for in the Barossa!

and then I finished the day making chicken and corn pie for dinner.