Monday, December 27, 2010

floor plan

Christmas day I finally got a chance to head back Snug to check out the latest developments.......

 upstairs floor
the walls have been marked on and I walked around my house
 edge of the lounge - there will be a deck

 hole for the stairs

 view from the kitchen sink

 looking up the 'stairs'

left -  sewing room, far right - laundry, foreground - space for stuff

 when the boys get back to work post Christmas there will be more walls and then a roof and then....

I celebrated my increased morgage (instalment 2 went through on Christmas eve) with too much food.  2011 will be a thrift year for me but will be well worth it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


It was a dear little girl's 2nd birthday party today and I gleefully made cupcakes to help celebrate the occasion!

raspberry creme butterfly cakes

 the birthday girl checks for quality
Bec's cupcakes with the cutest animals - I have a lion bookmark now!

life is sweet

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a days worth of frame and a fire

Went down to the blog to finally burn off some of the branches and leaves from the trees we had dropped before we get to the bushfire season.  We've been waiting for a damp day with no wind and the combo has be hard to catch.  Graeme joined Andrew and then I finally got there too. We got rid of about 70% of what needs to go which was a relief.  And and as a bonus I got to check out the framing that was done this week......

we were dragging leafy branches from a bigger pile down to the fire to keep it all contained

looking back up to the 'house'!

getting a feel for the possibilities downstairs,
 which will be staying open plan and developed down the track

phone on my camera just didn't do the gorgeous sunset justice, it was gorgeous

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

reaching the sky

Progress on the house has been slowed by bad weather but it is still coming along and the changes will be much more radical from here on. The steel posts are up for the balcony and they look so tall - it's hard to imagine standing that high up looking over the block and I wonder what the view will be like from up there..

Work started on the frame of the lower level today and will be done over the next few days, next time I take some photos there will be "walls" sort of!

 supplies for framing

I was hanging out with Charlie when we went down to my block and we decided it would be a good idea to walk to Snug Falls.  The weather was holding so Andrew couldn't burn off the scrub on my block so he joined us.  The recent rains meant the falls were in fine form.

 not quite my backyard - but close enough
 my brother and his son take a moment