Sunday, August 29, 2010

a Junction with Junction

Junction 2010 My Highlights

My 9x7x7 presentation - fast, good, slightly frustrating, fun, lovely to share - so glad it was first up.

WeTubeLIVE - awesomeness by Stompin

great speakers - especially keynotes - extra especially Mark Pesce

Jump Mentor presentation - amazing miss alysha

Umbrella Momentum - flash mob - me and the crew dancing with umbrellas!!

hanging out with my SA homies - especially Shaylee love, Miss Jane & SuziQ, many special youth arts friends and some new and random festival friends......

Junc Room - music, friends and brewed chai

getting to hang out with the Sex, Death and a Cup of Tea crew and cast and amazing caramel bananas dessert by Charlie

and my gorgeous cousin Lou

Sunday, August 22, 2010

playdate at Aunty Julie's

One of the reasons I came home to Tasmania was to be with my family, and that includes my beautiful friends who are family in my heart.  Several of my oldest friends have been blessed with little ones and now I am blessed to be able to watch them grow up.  I don't have my own children but decided to throw a playdate for my friends so they could meet each other, either for the first time or the first time in ten years.

Of course it gave me an excuse to bake :-)

 playing with the bread maker! 
 mum's blackberry jam and tassie apples

 cheese and carrot scones - secret vegies

I pulled out lots of toys from grandma's supplies and cleared the room ready for four gorgeous little ones, Olivia 10 months, Marty 13 months, Emelia 20 months and Aidan 3 & half years.  It was an afternoon of perfect chaos.

home is truly where the heart is

Saturday, August 21, 2010

digging in davies road

it has started, the building of my house, today, as the ground was broken and the excavator dug out my driveway!  I have picked three spots on the block to take photos from throughout the stages.

This is what it looked like at 11am this morning

from the road, top side

midway north side

the sunny lower side

the day's main project

major catch up - waterloo

I am constantly planing on thing to blog but not getting to it these days.  After a long day in front of the computer I often don't feel like turing it on when I get home and my internet has been in the 'unknown' zone on and off down here in kingston.

so here is the first of some speed blog catch ups.

I got a week in Battery Point a few weeks ago house and cat sitting which was great especially the walk to work each day without the drive first, and walking to/from the markets on saturday with my sourdough bread!

it's fuzzy, but can you see the house in the picture?

Apparently the owner (friend of a friend) was very happy how I left the house and will use me again!