Sunday, August 22, 2010

playdate at Aunty Julie's

One of the reasons I came home to Tasmania was to be with my family, and that includes my beautiful friends who are family in my heart.  Several of my oldest friends have been blessed with little ones and now I am blessed to be able to watch them grow up.  I don't have my own children but decided to throw a playdate for my friends so they could meet each other, either for the first time or the first time in ten years.

Of course it gave me an excuse to bake :-)

 playing with the bread maker! 
 mum's blackberry jam and tassie apples

 cheese and carrot scones - secret vegies

I pulled out lots of toys from grandma's supplies and cleared the room ready for four gorgeous little ones, Olivia 10 months, Marty 13 months, Emelia 20 months and Aidan 3 & half years.  It was an afternoon of perfect chaos.

home is truly where the heart is


Anonymous said...

Jules, it was a great a/noon. Good food, lots of laughs and new friends made. Hope we can organise another one soon!!P.S May have to have a view of the rest of your photos as they are great. Luv Nic

Josie said...

We had a great time too!
Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess! Yummy food and great company, what more could a Mama and a small boy need?
We'd also like to do it again Auntie Julie!
Love you,
Jose and Roo

(word verification: hunguric, which I think is where you keep eating after you are no longer hungry because the food is so good!)