Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tasmanian Craft Fair and Deloraine op-shop goodness

I have never before been to the Deloraine / Tasmanian Craft fair which has grown to be a huge event in Tasmania every year.  Surprising but true - but then neither had Mum, so that is probably why.  So I proposed a trip and off we went on a perfect mum & daughter bonding adventure day.  We left South Hobart at about 8.20am and arrive back pretty much 12 hours later. I have well and truly gotten used to the required three hour drive after my time in SA and that meant we had about 6 hours to wonder and look, and buy and chill and eat and wonder some more! We both got lots of inspiration, but didn't buy to much, except my weakness came when I took Mum to Fresh Fabric - probably the best fabric store in Tasmania.  The first time I every walked into that shop I exclaimed I wanted to move in and live there!  And of course it is surrounded by three country op-shops in which i found so many yummy bargains....

there were some great displays, which i sometimes admired more than the products...

Lunch was a Mum special of Spinach & Ricotta pie with salad, in the car in the green green padock

Fresh Fabric and 2 Quilt Ladies, fat quarters
bargain bundles

 I have a bit of an orange / yellow container thing happening lately, not normally my thing

came with 6 cups and saucers, and a found one matching tea cup and saucer

tea cups for cactus
  can't wait to make some kids clothes with this!

We hardly got any rain during the day, until it was time to leave.  We went the scenic route through Westbury and stopped for local ice cream from Andy's - and it was amazing.  I had Jaffa and Chocolate Hazelnut and Mum had Chocolate Rough and Hazelnut - and it was full of roasted crushed nuts and little chocolate chunks and was just bloody good way to finish the day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Concrete and new views

A sunny Sunday with little to do, so of course it was time to check up on my little spot on reserve down the channel. Last Tuesday the foundation slab was poured and more piers for the balcony supports.

so smooth
I hadn't been down for nearly two weeks and my neighbours have been busy clearing a lot of scruby trees at the back of their block.  I have some great knew views and lots more sun!
 there was much singing of birds this afternoon
 and I think this is boronia growing wild?
 and this is probably a weed, but it is pretty for now
 And I never noticed before but there are a couple of trees on my block by the boundary, now they are in blossom they are too pretty to overlook.
 I wonder what it is??
 with the extra trees cleared this will roughly be my view from the kitchen window (I think)
hazy mount wellington
 chilled our lamas
and the grass seeds my step-father sewed have started to sprout - just to slow down the erosion of the bank - later it will be natives and pine bark - far to steep to mow just here.

I'm not sure what is next, but I'll let you know when i do! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


mid week preparations for up coming slab pour!

 from the driveway

 Thankful for daylight savings
 the ridges in the back section are where the stairs will come down
& initial plumbing for the laundry

the slab will be poured on Andrew's Birthday, timing sucks but we have to take what we can get.  There has been so much rain lately slowing down the process.  I will make extra special chocolate birthday cake for my baby brother to make it up a little.

Friday, October 1, 2010

MY red

Today I collected paint brochures.....  It's a long time before I will paint but I was in K&D and I thought why not?  I love colour and am excited that I will get to paint my house any colour I want.

and I discovered there is a RED called Jules - of course there is...hehe

I quite like it and think it could be a great front door colour, and probably a feature in the kitchen / dinning room area.

I really like this mix of colours -yum

photos are from Dulux Australia