Sunday, September 26, 2010

quick trip

The weather was great yesterday but Andrew couldn't get an excavator because it was grand final day!! So no more work done again this weekend.  But we did a quick trip down to deliver some materials, check the sight, fix the fences and add some more water to the mini tank.

I met a couple of neighbors from up around the road, he's a tv lighting guy and she works at screen tas! I think Lower Snug is going to be full of interesting people.

People keep asking me when I'll be in, and I say I don't know - and I don't.  I don't want to stress Andrew out by asking all the time because at this stage we are at the mercy of lots of things.  But once we are out of the ground we'll have a much better idea and it should go according to the schedule.  But he's hoping, and thinking, it will be less than 6 months.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tip Shop Treasure and pieces of house colours

Last weekend and the way to the block I visited my soon (ish) to be local op shop and tip shop to acquaint myself with them.  For some weird reason I find it hard to go to new places for the first time and then once I have they become a regular attraction.  The op shop was not so exciting this week and they don't have much in the non clothes items but the tip shop was an exciting cave of treasures.  I found great desks, pieces of furniture, tea cups, a huge vinal record collection......  these are not necessarily things I want now but they provided lots of creative ideas, it was great to see what kinds of things were there and I did splurge on one awesome vintage find.

Cake or cookies anyone? 

This cost me a huge $1, which is about all I can manage on the current budget so I was very happy!  I think this will look fabulous in my new kitchen.

And speaking of kitchens - I also went to the kitchen place and picked out my bench and cupboard colours - this is one of the fun things!

 River Pebble Dimensions Finish bench top
Parchment doors and drawers and Black ends, breakfast bar and kickboards

 And while I'm talking colours the house will be:

Black roof (night sky) and Deep Ocean Cladding

 and a 
something like this

putting together the pieces of my house is the biggest treat. :-)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Block Update

bad weather has slowed progress with Andrew mostly just doing Saturdays until we get all the foundations in - out of the ground... so it is a bit hit an miss with the rain, but I popped down yesterday to get a photographic update.

creature comforts for the workers

dug up

ag drains to protect the foundations

a pier - for the foundations

the ground floor

It was a huge job getting the piers filled with concrete.  Andrew discovered that my property has ground water when they dug the holes.  This will be great down the track when I'm setting up the orchard and garden.  But before they could pour the concrete they had to empty the holes of the water that had poured in - several thousands of liters all up - as as the pump hose came out the concrete went in before the hole could re-fill.  Very muddy and hard work - I'm told.

I have an awesome brother :-)