Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Barossa Treasures

The gorgeous Alice F and I had a girls road trip to the Barossa on Saturday and I couldn't have thought up a more perfect way to spend a day.

We left pretty early (7am ish) and headed down to the Barossa Farmers Market and headed straight to the breakfast - coffee, fresh oj and egg and bacon rolls - so very good.  I had mine with beetroot relish - yum

barossa fm breakfast

sated we then had a good look around.  my first stop was Careme for gorgeous cake and pastry.  I picked up sourdough fruit bread - my absolute favourite bread and a lush chocolate brownie with fig.  I convinced Alice to try the lemon tart - they are too good.
Careme goodies on offer

I wanted to buy a Careme shopping bag as a keepsake but they gave it to me for free!

after the market we hit the towns Angaston and Tanunda for op shopping adventures.  The awesome secondhand clothes shop in Angaston was shut but I managed to pick up a couple of funky aprons...

$2, $5, $1.50
some lovely glassware
 10c - $2.99
and some retro craft books for inspiration
$1 each

I also grabbed a couple of shirts and an old sheet for craft fabric projects - not sure what yet.....

I seemed to be inspired by autumn colours on this outing

After so much shopping - for so little money we headed back to Angaston for a late late lunch at Blonde Coffee a gorgeous cafe and deli/food store that I love for it's atmosphere and simple yet tasty food, great coffee and chai and lush cakes.  it is the kind of place I would love to run one day and the kind of place I so wish we had in the Riverland.

It was the best of days, with fun window shopping and antique browsing, bargain buys, such good food and the best company.  sweet memories - thanks alice :-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

soft love

I've had some visitors in the church for a while longer than i had planned but they kept me company until i got a round to arranging their travel.

I got news today that one had safely arrived in Kingston and since they set off together I am assuming that the others got to Howrah and Glenorchy by today too.

My friends had to see Tasmania and couldn't wait till I was ready to head home - so they flew Australia Post and now with their new families where I'm sure they will have lots of love. And I will see them again in a couple of months!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

one year of crochet

Last Easter I taught myself to crochet, I don't remember doing it as a child - I certainly knitted and sewed but don't remember the stitches so maybe not.  I love crochet, so much faster and playful than knitting, although so far I've only played with scarves, straight and curly....

A couple of weeks ago I finally attempted my first Granny square and one year on I can say my world of crochet is opening up. 

 Thanks Pip for Meet me at Mikes fabulous granny square tutorial!

I love the simplicity of the granny square and how much I can play with patterns.  For now I'm just using up a batch of wool of the same ilk to make a knee rug - eventually 5x5 squares - 6 down, 19 to go! 

 so much  fun

It was good to sit and watch Angel on DVD and crochet a good part of my Easter away.  Things have been so hectic, hence the lack of blogging for a while.  My chilling out was interspersed with lots of cleaning out and packing ready for the move back to Tasmania.  I have 8 weeks left in the Riverland and my things might be heading back a few weeks before me.  I am such a nester and even though i didn't unpack half of my things when I moved into the church I still have so much to sort through and prepare for months of storage.  Was good to make a BIG dent in the task, now I should be able to attack bits and pieces over the next few weeks after work and such.

I must make a list of crafty projects to get done before I go too - have a few important items to make for special peoples.......