Tuesday, April 13, 2010

soft love

I've had some visitors in the church for a while longer than i had planned but they kept me company until i got a round to arranging their travel.

I got news today that one had safely arrived in Kingston and since they set off together I am assuming that the others got to Howrah and Glenorchy by today too.

My friends had to see Tasmania and couldn't wait till I was ready to head home - so they flew Australia Post and now with their new families where I'm sure they will have lots of love. And I will see them again in a couple of months!

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Josie said...

It was a romantic meeting . . .
Rooey looked Ren (the Renmark cow) full in the face and then went straight in for a massive kiss!
She seemed to enjoy it.
Since then I must confess he has been a fickle lover, as the blue tissue paper she was wrapped in has taken up a lot of his attention, but I did catch him kissing her again the other day. (I have been giving her lots of cuddles as well)
Thank you for sending us a friend, we need them right now.
Love from us all