Tuesday, April 6, 2010

one year of crochet

Last Easter I taught myself to crochet, I don't remember doing it as a child - I certainly knitted and sewed but don't remember the stitches so maybe not.  I love crochet, so much faster and playful than knitting, although so far I've only played with scarves, straight and curly....

A couple of weeks ago I finally attempted my first Granny square and one year on I can say my world of crochet is opening up. 

 Thanks Pip for Meet me at Mikes fabulous granny square tutorial!

I love the simplicity of the granny square and how much I can play with patterns.  For now I'm just using up a batch of wool of the same ilk to make a knee rug - eventually 5x5 squares - 6 down, 19 to go! 

 so much  fun

It was good to sit and watch Angel on DVD and crochet a good part of my Easter away.  Things have been so hectic, hence the lack of blogging for a while.  My chilling out was interspersed with lots of cleaning out and packing ready for the move back to Tasmania.  I have 8 weeks left in the Riverland and my things might be heading back a few weeks before me.  I am such a nester and even though i didn't unpack half of my things when I moved into the church I still have so much to sort through and prepare for months of storage.  Was good to make a BIG dent in the task, now I should be able to attack bits and pieces over the next few weeks after work and such.

I must make a list of crafty projects to get done before I go too - have a few important items to make for special peoples.......

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