Saturday, January 30, 2010

a birthday week

The last week has been a rollercoaster and i won't go into all the details, needless to say birthdays are hard when you are in your 30's and alone.  Fortunately I am blessed with some very special friends who made my week a special time regardless.

Last weekend Thom and I headed to Adelaide to catch Avenue Q.  It was such a fun night, seriously funny, before, during and after the show when we ran into friends from the Riverland over gelati.

Then I made the most of a couple of extra days off to tick off some annoying paperwork hanging over my head - tax is done and nearly off!!

Birthday morning I opened a little present from Sarah while having a cup of tea in bed.  She had found these gorgeous broaches at Salamanca market.

I still think Salamanca is one of the best markets in the world.  I love these broaches and they are inspiring me to make some of my own.

A strawberry smoothie and I was off to work for a pretty ordinary day.  Mum and Graeme sent me a special folder  for all my house building stuff and a copy of the plan Graeme has drawn up from my ideas.  we still have some things to look at, but once it's finished I will share  :-)

That night Alice, Orio, Bron, Josh and Bec joined me for dinner at the Renmark Golf Club.  I hadn't eaten there before but it was lovely, great menu, atmos and company.  And Alice made a Coffee New York Cheesecake from the Junior's Cheesecake book I gave her and it was AMAZING.  

The generosity of my family and friends continued to include some money and vouches for books (I can knock some items off my amazon wish list), some lovely pampering products, a bag of unshelled fresh almonds & a Frankie subscription. I am very lucky girl!

Finally the weekend and after tiding up sorting out years of material collecting...


& filling the fridge with lots of veges and fruit I have been getting crafty again which is making me heaps happy.  My friend Bree invited my to join an art exchange which is cool.  I have made some little felt flower magnets and rediscovered blanket stitch  - which i am loving.  I will send them off on monday.  I have invited 6 friends to join the exchange and hopefully down the track a few little fun things will turn up in the PO Box.  

I smiled making them, hopefully they bring a smile to their new owner.

I am also working on the next few projects for friends - but they might be reading so shh for now.  I have a whole Sunday to play.  I plan to get back on to my new toy - my b'day present to myself - the last extravagance before the mortgage officially kicks in...

isn't it pretty!
I actually had someone ask if they can buy a pair of the shoes.  Maybe if I start selling a few things in the next few months I can claim it on tax!

Have to go and cook something healthy with those vegetables - actually think i might be hungry?

Monday, January 25, 2010

finally getting crafty again

Last week I started making some little things from one of my christmas books - Meet Me at Mikes. I have a list of projects to get through and many more books on my Amazon wish list. I've always been quiet crafty - thanks to mum passing on skills and passion for making things at an early age, but over the last few years I've only dipped in briefly.

I think 2010 is going to be the year when I dive in head first and swim around till I'm good and pruney. All I want to do is make things. I even bought myself an over-locker for my birthday in preparation - last big purchase before I actually have a mortgage - ahhh.

When I build my house I will have a big open space downstairs to do something proper with down the track when I can afford it. Till then it will become a big open plan craft studio.....

I had such fun making and sewing and remembering how to do some embroidery again. I can't wait to do more.

These are some little baby shoes that I made for my friend Bobby's newest baby Josie. They are a little too big for now and we did loose one briefly on the way back from the park, but was found safe and sound.

Cat was a gift for Nina, Josies' nearly three big sister who has a birthday next month. Nina put cat in her bed for a nap while we went to the park - I hope he had a good sleep because I think he will be involved in many adventures...

I must get very organised and all my crappy jobs off my list so I can be free to be crafty when ever I am home. I think the church is going to start looking like a sweat shop.

If are not already a fan you should check out Meet me at Mikes - blog and book!

must go and work on tax return - one of those crappy jobs!

Monday, January 18, 2010


a year of change
a year of taking risks
and being brave
of accepting
and finding peace
of returning
leaving a job i love
before i don't
leaving people i love
and wishing i didn't have to
of finding new ways with old friends
of finding new ways of being me
getting crafty
building a house
being an aunty
walking in the wilderness
and breathing in tall trees
to listen carefully
to read well
to discover new things
I haven't even thought of yet