Monday, January 25, 2010

finally getting crafty again

Last week I started making some little things from one of my christmas books - Meet Me at Mikes. I have a list of projects to get through and many more books on my Amazon wish list. I've always been quiet crafty - thanks to mum passing on skills and passion for making things at an early age, but over the last few years I've only dipped in briefly.

I think 2010 is going to be the year when I dive in head first and swim around till I'm good and pruney. All I want to do is make things. I even bought myself an over-locker for my birthday in preparation - last big purchase before I actually have a mortgage - ahhh.

When I build my house I will have a big open space downstairs to do something proper with down the track when I can afford it. Till then it will become a big open plan craft studio.....

I had such fun making and sewing and remembering how to do some embroidery again. I can't wait to do more.

These are some little baby shoes that I made for my friend Bobby's newest baby Josie. They are a little too big for now and we did loose one briefly on the way back from the park, but was found safe and sound.

Cat was a gift for Nina, Josies' nearly three big sister who has a birthday next month. Nina put cat in her bed for a nap while we went to the park - I hope he had a good sleep because I think he will be involved in many adventures...

I must get very organised and all my crappy jobs off my list so I can be free to be crafty when ever I am home. I think the church is going to start looking like a sweat shop.

If are not already a fan you should check out Meet me at Mikes - blog and book!

must go and work on tax return - one of those crappy jobs!

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