Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Great Australian Dream 'House' Party

Australia Day Picnic, at my half finished house, for my birthday!  A gorgeous day, a chance for my tassie friends to visit and see the work in progress for the first time and lots of yummy food that Mum and I baked. Oh and the Hottest 100, was pretty perfect.

I didn't get the camera out until late in the day, so not many peeps in the photos, but my sweet "niece and nephews", being aunty Julie to a crew of my friends children is awesome.

 Aidan, Marty and Olivia exploring
 never to young to play the 'game' - and don't you just love that dress!
(yes one of mine)
 'look Mum, aunty Julie has a drain!  I love drains'
 picnic vista backdrop
 frame up, tours of the house were had
 the party is over
 standing in the kitchen pantry doorway, looking through kitchen, dining/living and out to the view
 from the living room looking back through to the kitchen
a peak at the master bedroom!
I had a fabulous birthday with old and new tassie friends and can't wait to invite them all back for the housewarming once I'm in.  Next the deck is being put on, then the roof, windows and cladding - will look very different very soon.....