Saturday, March 20, 2010

food for thought

After a rough couple of weeks I am re-indulging in the simple pleasures of cooking.  Amongst my treats from North America were some Mint Chocolate Hershey Chipits!  After having stored them in the fridge over summer in a container with my cocoa power, it has taken on a hint of mint rendering it unmixable with other flavours.  My solution - Chocolate Choc Chip Cookies....

I put half the dough in the fridge for baking later in the week so I don't eat them all at one and ensure I share!

I have also been reaping the rewards of my lovely herb garden.  the basil has be going strong and I've put some in pots to give away to several friends..

and added it to breakfast
I wouldn't win any awards for my presentation, but it tasted amazing!

The rocket is getting a good work out in salads and the parsley is ready to be re potted too for sharing.  My shade house is really paying off.

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