Sunday, August 29, 2010

a Junction with Junction

Junction 2010 My Highlights

My 9x7x7 presentation - fast, good, slightly frustrating, fun, lovely to share - so glad it was first up.

WeTubeLIVE - awesomeness by Stompin

great speakers - especially keynotes - extra especially Mark Pesce

Jump Mentor presentation - amazing miss alysha

Umbrella Momentum - flash mob - me and the crew dancing with umbrellas!!

hanging out with my SA homies - especially Shaylee love, Miss Jane & SuziQ, many special youth arts friends and some new and random festival friends......

Junc Room - music, friends and brewed chai

getting to hang out with the Sex, Death and a Cup of Tea crew and cast and amazing caramel bananas dessert by Charlie

and my gorgeous cousin Lou

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