Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jules in the Riverland

When I first moved to the Riverland in January 2007 I started a blog.  But I wasn't very good at keeping it - got a bit distracted my my fabulous job.

Now I have left the beautiful people and place that have been home for the last three plus years and have spent my first night in melbourne on my road trip to tas. And I want to take stock of at least my photographic memories....

In no particular order

back to Renmark

Street Light for Houseboats at Customs House
Headings Cliffs
Chasing sunset at the end of 21st street
Cobdogola vineyard
home sweet home
yes I lived here for two years
on my street
Lake Bonney
another trip to headings cliffs
Murray River from the houseboat
Monash Playground

swimming at Jane Eliza
Balloon Fiesta - Lights Up

Just a glimpse of the wonderful things I experienced while living in SA.  Of course most of my happiest memories were with the kids at RYT - but no photos of them here.

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TSchramm said...

Hi Julie!
Love seeing your photos and hearing about your travels! All of us RYT kids are missing you too!
Mum and Dad say hi!
lots of love
Taylor <3