Monday, April 11, 2011

a blue room, a handrail and DIY progress

 all ready for tiling!
to help not falling down stairs

 my friend the tile cutter

a work in progress

with a little ( a lot actually) help from my friends Kim and Adrian I now have knowledge and (some) skills in tiling and had a very productive weekend.  Mastered the tile cutter and used a grinder for the first time! The en-suite floor and most of the skirting is done, rest of skirt and grout to go,  floor in toilet done and floor and walls in bathroom started.  I really wished I'd had an extra few days to keep going, I hate leaving a job half finished....  but will have to wait now, probably till nearly easter.

This week the floors are being sanded and sealed and then we can build the kitchen - more DIY with  the help of my parents this time. Easter will be busy but fun and hopefully I can move in very soon after.....  

Mum and Graeme also started the painting - they are very good at it and I am lucky to have so much help.  But maybe they are just trying to get their spare room back :-)

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