Thursday, May 19, 2011


I've been quite suitably distracted by a little show I've been working on 'Construction of the Human Heart' and have had no time to blog - crazy to think about all the things that have happened since easter.

I had the inspection for occupancy the week after easter and moved in the following weekend.  I've been here for 12 days now - although I was away for 4 of them last week at TLP - yes it has been a little busy.

first night in
the view from where I rest my head - first morning

There are boxes and stuff everywhere, temporary shelving in the kitchen until the pantry is done, empty bookcases because I still have to paint the skirting and window frames and there is no point getting ahead of myself.  But nearly everyday I do at least a little something.  Put up a curtain rail, find the cutlery and put it in a drawer, sort a suitcase of clothes....

and it is so very peaceful down here.  When I make my first cup of tea, I say hi to the lama in the block next to next door and I can watch chickens in another block roam from my bed.  There is a roster somewhere but he is not too bad - not a very early riser and far enough away from mine.

It is green and hilly and just perfect.

I have only cooked one night so far, but the beast was christened with mushrooms and eggs - ah cooking with gas, am looking forward to hosting my first dinner party - maybe in a couple of months...

Am hoping to take some time off over the next month to do lots more nesting, and get ready for my first house guest......but it already feels like my home and i'm excited to be spending a lot more time here for many years to come.

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