Friday, July 30, 2010

lower snug update

Last weekend I visited my block of land for the first time since I got back to Tas with my brother, brother inlaw inlaw and niece inlaw..... it was morning and damp so luckily Jem (4 years) had on her lovely gumboots.

The surveyors had been there to do the first mark up of where the house will be on the land, so we went to check it out.  Yes things have started!  I have council and bank approval and Andrew is making all the arrangements for first stages - excavation, a bit of tree felling (for safety), ordering a water tank (red).  I've been looking at sheds (why hire storage when you can build a shed for the same price), and colour bond colours.  so much to think about, plan, sort out.  Plus I really need to get some more work soon so I have enough money to stay on top of the mortgage as it grows in the coming months.... All will work out i'm sure.

my little house and place for carport at the top of the hill of my land.

house will fill this space (well most of the right side of it) - watch it!

up that way

more soon!

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