Sunday, July 25, 2010

pieces for peoples i love

i've been playing catch up with birthdays from the first half of the year and trying (and failing) to stay on top of all the current ones.  but hopefully when the parcels finally arrive they are worth the wait.

I love making things especially for friends, choosing the project, colours, and style just for them and taking the time to make it just perfect, even if that means unpicking or unravelling a little to do it again just right, i never mind.

A pretty reversible apron for the 30th birthday of Alice (Queen of Cupcakes)
pattern by sew liberated!
plus and pretty curly scarf - because she deserves to be spoilt

crochet hand cuffs
and a scarf for April the best sister (iL)

my first attempt at a hat for the gorgeous Emila (19months)

Some more hand cuffs for the brilliant Jac

and a special beanie for Jac and Josie's gorgeous Marty Roo (1 year!)
who rarely is still! ;-)

As I'm housesitting a fair bit at the moment the crochet is more portable, and can be done in front of the TV, or movie on the computer, even in bed, making crochet my favourite winter creative indulgence.  and there is many more special people to make for!


Freckled Sparrow said...

These all look lovely Julie! I especially love the apron. I would love to know how to crochet but it's a bit daunting with all those loops and things. Maybe you could teach me sometime?

Kim said...

just beautiful Julie... Especially loved seeing your beanie which was a work in progress when I visited now completed with the little ears and ties...