Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bags & more softies

another crafty weekend.  the heat here is so oppressive i can't go out and enjoy summer but staying inside means time to sew - so not so bad.

A friend asked me for a photo for a charity auction for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation, but i'm not quite that confident with my photography to think people would want a blown up print of mine on their wall, but have had many comments about my bags over the years so it was time to make another 'waddington'!

I like to feature a fabric and keep the rest simple and complementary and i like my bags to be practical.  Years of various variations have lead to the current incarnation that is big enough to fit an A4 diary or notebook but not so big you put too much in it.  Something fun and stylish, yet functional, that can take you from the office to dinner or shopping, 

As i'm trying to reacquaint myself with all my sewing prowess i also had a go at making a little makeup bag with a zip.  for some reason i've been afraid of zips - not sure why - was not so bad.

I was pretty happy with my products.  the photo is a little reflective as i've put a protective plastic over the feature panel, one of those little extras - like my matching pocket and contrasting lining. 

little things that are not hard but make the bag a bit more special.  I hope this set goes to a nice new home.

I also played with another softy from meet me at mikes


any ideas?
i couldn't decide so started three

I've had fun with all the embroidery.  I love blanket stitch and got back into back stitch. Next i have to try chain stitch...

how cute is he!  and he cooks!!

when i finished my first udderly lovely cow i was smitten.  will be hard to send him on to his new home...  none of the three are for me?  

I think I'll be ready to design my own softie soon, getting a feel what what style i like.  Before then I want to try to master granny squares.  Got  the crochet happening but not the square - the challenge will be on this weekend.


Jac said...

Jules I totally adore your bags. Was so sad when the plastic finally gave out on mine.

Your softies rock, can't wait to see more!

julie said...

Thanks darling! I think my new design keeps the plastic healthy for much longer. My current personal one is holding up very well. We'll see.