Friday, February 12, 2010

Land Owner

Today was settlement day for my purchase of a lovely little block of land in Tasmania.

 my little bit of lower snug

It's actually not so little at nearly 2 acres but i am planning to build a little house and plant some fruit trees and grow a little garden and have room to sew in a place that is my home.  Sounds so wonderful.  I never imagined (until quite recently) that i would ever have my own home it always seemed so out of reach with the freelance artist lifestyle.  But things change and here i am.

My brother will be building the house (with lots of help from contractors and family and friends) and it is really lovely to be working on this together.  He is just as excited as I am that I am heading back home (maybe more - they will get another very willing babysitter!)

My stepfather has drawn up a couple of plans from my initial drawings for the house.  I am lucky to have so many talented people willing to help out.
this is close is my realistic dream house - or one version of it
downstairs will eventually be extra bedroom(s) / living and or studio space for crafty pursuits

A few years ago  two of my dearest friends lives on the same street - just across the road from the block.  I used to visit for wondrous dinners by Jac and cups of tea and walks with Jo and often stay the night when I was down in tassie.  I never really paid attention to the land across the road. Buying land, especially in Tasmania was so not on my radar.  It goes to show how much and how quickly things can change.  I must remember that.

 North West Bay looking across to Tinderbox
5 mins walk from my future home
taken at least 4 years ago on a jo and julie walk

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