Thursday, February 4, 2010

last craft

last sunday I worked my way through a few of my projects. 

My second cat was fun and gorgeous, made from some wool material i found in an op shop in tas that i felted.

 He has found a special spot to watch over me until he travels to his new home.

then I had a go at butterfly Evelyn also from the meet me at mikes book.  I couldn't decide what material to use so I made two.

Can you see where she is flying over?

I sadly thinks she looks like mr hanky

this weekend I need to work on some up coming birthday projects and I have promised to make one of my bags for a charity auction.

here's one I made earlier - but it is mine!

I nearly ordered a stack of books off amazon, about 8, but it cam to nearly 4 times the money I got from Mum for my birthday and I am now trying to be more careful with the new mortgage looming and even more money to be required to build.  Will try to be careful over the next few weeks and watch the $ and maybe get them later.  it is better to get a stack at once rather than lots of little orders, but I do have enough to keep me busy for quiet a while!

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